At the Crown Inn, we have always made a point of specialising in supplying beers from independent brewers of quality crafted beers.  Over the last 22 years, we have sold over 14,000 different beers.  Cataloguing them is an enormous task but we hope that, one day, we will be able to list them all here for beer aficionadoes to pour over.

We offer only two permanent beers, Hobson’s Best Bitter (an excellent quaffing beer which has been our “house beer” ever since we opened in July 1995) and Hobson’s Twisted Spire.  The Best Bitter is a former Champion Bitter of Britain and drinks like a full-bodied bitter much stronger than its 3.8% A.B.V.  Twisted Spire is a pale moderately hoppy bitter in a much more modern style.

The remainder of our 14 cooled handpulls supply you with a tasty range of bitters, a mild, a stout or porter and a cider or perry.  We use about 7 or 8 at the beginning of the week, increasing from mid-week to around 10-12 at weekends.  This enables us to keep enough interest for everyone, while not putting too many beers on sale at quieter times.  This enables us to keep beer-quality high, meeting your expectations and ours but also those of CAMRA and Cask Marque, which have both recognised our continued standards.


What’s the point in having Carling, John Smith’s or Stella in a pub like this?  I mean, really, what’s the point?  If you are going to drink a genuine continental beer, fine; but not some thin pastiche of the genuine article!
Consequently, at the Crown Inn, you will not find the liquid made from rice at the former Watney’s Red Barrel factory!  Instead, we import Amstel (4.1%) from The Netherlands, a much tastier lager than most British-brewed imitations.  To complement that, we have added Joule’s Green Monkey, a properly-lagered 4.3% local brew.
On the wheat-beer front, we threw out the Hoegaarden when InBev of Brazil closed its brewery and now stock Blanche de Bruxelles / Brussels Wit from the Lefebvre Brewery at Quenast some 15 miles to the South-west of the Belgian capital.  Others wheat beers include Maisel’s, Franziskaner and Erdinger from Germany.

We also stock the Belgian Leffe Blonde (6.6% A.B.V.).  It’s a lot sweeter that the 8.5% “Tripel” version available on the continent but none the less popular.  We have now added a wide range of bottled beers from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and America.  See the posters on display in the bars for more details.


We provide wines in sealed bottles, so as to guarantee you freshness with every serve.  Available in bottles of 1 1/2 glasses or the full six glass bottle, we have a range of styles and flavours to suit most palates.  We also stock 13 different fruit wines, which are sold by the glass.  At upto 14%, these are popular with both ladies and gents!


As well as the usual range of spirits, we are famous for our extensive range of single-malt whiskies.  We try to stock all Scottish styles, as well as Bushmills, the only Irish single-malt.  We are also very proud of the range of quality small-batch crafted gins we stock.  Anyone can put on a range of dozens (or even hundreds) of gins, but ours have been selected in conjunction with gin afficienadoes to provide a range of the highest quality.


We are happy to provide you with tea or coffee, made from beans ground in front of you on our proper coffee machine.


Do not ask for silly modern fads in our wines and spirit ranges!  We don’t like to water down our excellent ciders (Hobson’s Oldfields Cider and Weston’s Stowford Press Cider) with ice and we don’t sell “children’s drinks” such as alcopops.  This is a proper pub for proper people!!