CROWN INN, Oakengates and ELEPHANT & CASTLE, Dawley

Welcome to the web page for Oakengates’ Good Beer Guide-listed Crown Inn and Dawley’s Elephant & Castle. We aim to provide you with the best drinking experience, both pubs being Cask Marque accredited. We have served some 18,000 different cask ales in the last 25 years at the Crown Inn and 9 years at the Elephant. We also offer a great range of spirits, wines, soft drinks and bottled beers from around the world.


Oakengates’ Crown Inn and Dawley’s Elephant & Castle are again able to welcome you back inside to enjoy our hospitality. We’ve made some alterations to both pubs to go above and beyond the Government’s requirements.

We’ve taken the necessary measures to allow you back in to drink, while keeping everyone safe and healthy, so please make sure you observe our safety signage. The Elephant & Castle has more room than the Crown Inn, so it isn’t necessary for us to have a booking system in Dawley. For our Oakengates customers, you are recommended to book a table in advance on our BOOKING LINE 07901-513085 to avoid dis-appointment. However, unlike some pubs, you are still welcome to pop in without a reservation.

At both pubs, we decided to re-start from 4th July, trying out the opening hours and adapting as required. We have now refined our hours (see below) and may do so again, as more customers return to work from being furloughed.


We started in business back on 28th July 1995 at the Crown Inn, with the Elephant & Castle joining on 14th December 2011. We had hoped to celebrate this with events and special beers at the Crown Inn but the Covid19 epidemic put paid to most of that with live performances of music and comedy specifically banned by Government diktat! However, with special measures in place, we have been able to re-launch our regular Quiz Night, back at its regular slot of 8.30p.m. on the last Sunday of each month. Tables for the Quiz must be reserved in advance, either in person at the Crown Inn, or on our booking line 07901-513085. You need to bring your own pens and paper, to avoid the need to pass your answer sheets around for marking. There are six rounds with a break after each round to minimise queueing at the bar. Our March Quiz was due to be hosted by Adrian Baker but lockdown intervened. Happily, Adrian took the chair for our 25th Anniversary Quiz on Sunday 26th July, with the next Quiz taking place on Sunday 30th August.


At the Crown Inn we are currently open daily from 1p.m. We are now implementing “Last Admission” times of 9p.m. on Sundays to Thursdays, 10p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. At the Elephant & Castle, we still open at 5p.m., with last admissions now giving a slightly later drinking opportunity on most nights. However, at the moment, it is not viable to open on Tuesdays. So on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, last admissions are at 9p.m., extended to 10p.m. on Fridays to Sundays. We will have to keep an eye on these times, to see if they still work as the country re-opens for business and any changes will appear on this site.


Changes to the layout and operation of both pubs has been necessary to ensure good Health & Safety practice. At the Crown Inn, the front door is for entering the building only, while the wider back door is both an entrance and the only exit. Tables are numbered and are allocated in as many half-hour slots as you require either when you arrive, or in advance if you have booked ahead on 07901 513085. At the Elephant & Castle, we have a one-way system, entering through the lounge and exiting through the bar. Drinking is now only allowed in the lounge, the conservatory and outside in the garden. As the Elephant & Castle is a much larger building, there is no need to book or allocate tables. As should be the case in all pubs, drinkers should be seated and may no longer stand or sit at bars.


At the Crown Inn, we have been able to re-introduce our sales of eggs, still at the eggcellent price of £1.20 for 6 Eggstra Large ones! (sorry about the puns but Comedy Nights are still suspended!) We hope to have stocks of honey available again soon. The dreadful weather in the Winter and early Spring was not good for the bees but they are now in full production and “laying” well.

Following our successful Beer Line service during the lockdown, we are still carrying a good range of British & overseas bottled beers & ciders, particularly at the Crown Inn. Here are pictures of some of our range.

A selection of our British Bottled Beers includes Backyard, Brewdog, Hobson’s, Ludlow & Thornbridge breweries, some of which are shown here.
A selection of some of our Foreign Bottled Beers
A selection of our Bottled Ciders

Don’t forget that both pubs will supply you with beers to take home! If you want some draught beer or cider, bring a bottle and we will fill it for you.


All music and comedy events are now CANCELLED until further notice, by Government diktat! However, we were able to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our re-opening of the Crown Inn, with the re-introduction of Quiz Nights, on the last Sunday of each month.

We should have enjoyed the “Telford Fringe“, with Edinburgh Festival Preview Comedy Nights at both venues, Live Music at the Crown Inn and Wedding Parties at the Elephant & Castle. This means that we lost the following events at the Crown Inn:-

5x Open Mic Nights, 4x Quiz Nights, performances by Forbidden Skies, Barrel House Blues Band, The Black & Blues Band, The Endings, Comedy & Curry, DryAdic, The Smokin’ Tones, The Root Doctors, Gig for Life, Rowley & Paul, The Percy Veer Band, Pale Fire, The M.J.M. Band, PigDaze and numerous Edinburgh Preview Comedy shows. At the time of writing, it seems as though Social Distancing Rules will prevent these events taking place for some time. We hope to re-arrange them for future dates. Telford Comedy Club was due to gather across both pubs for Comedy & Curry on 14th April with Edinburgh Festival Preview Shows throughout May, June and July. As Edinburgh Festival is not happening this year, the Preview Shows have disappeared too.